Graduate Stories


Wendy’s alcohol and drug use started at about the age of 20. “I was able to use drugs to escape from my emotions and not

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While still in middle school, Katelyn was introduced to alcohol, marijuana, and prescription medication. “I was always the youngest of the kids I was hanging

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Joe graduate


“I come from a small little mountain town, and I’ve succeeded by leaps and bounds at TROSA, “ shares TROSA graduate Joe. “I want to

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Jerry had a happy childhood growing up in Sanford, North Carolina in the 1960s. His father worked in lumber, then became a Marine. His mother

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“I’m so proud of the woman that I am today. I can look at myself in the mirror now…and I love myself!” Those are the

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“I think my story is nothing short of a miracle,” shares Elisha. “If it weren’t for TROSA, I wouldn’t be here today.” She had to

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Alex is from the Triangle, North Carolina region. She was in active addiction for 12 years before starting her recovery at TROSA. Growing up, Alex

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Harvey Graduate


Harvey, age 55, is from New Bern, North Carolina. Harvey’s journey with substance use began in high school. A skilled artisan, Harvey had the opportunity

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Dymont started using drugs when he was 15. Today, he is a recent TROSA graduate who has changed his life. “For a long time, I

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