Planned Giving

We proudly invite you to join the Kevin McDonald Legacy Society!

The Kevin McDonald Legacy Society is a special group of generous and thoughtful donors who support TROSA’s longevity and the future success of our men and women in recovery by including TROSA in their will or estate planning.

You can learn more about joining the Kevin McDonald Legacy Society by contacting TROSA’s Chief Development Officer Janice Kalin at 919-419-1059 ext 1600 or  TROSA’s Tax ID number is 56-1861158.

This group is named to honor and thank TROSA’s Founder Kevin McDonald. Kevin founded TROSA in 1994 to help people overcome addiction. His idea, drive, and heart have saved thousands of lives. Now, you can make your own life-changing impact for our residents and their families by joining this special group of supporters.

If you have already included TROSA in your future giving with a planned gift, please let us know so we can thank you and help ensure that your plans are realized. You can contact Janice Kalin at or click the button below to view our printable response form:

Donate Your Vehicle/Property/Real Estate

Do you have a vehicle, home, or other property of value that you may want to leave to TROSA? Contact TROSA’s Chief Development Officer Janice Kalin at 919-419-1059 ext 1600 or first to learn more about this option.

Note: If looking to make a vehicle donation today (thank you!) please fill out our vehicle donation inquiry form by clicking this link.

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs)

There are national and local organizations that allow you to create a DAF. DAFs usually require a minimum amount to establish a fund and then those funds are distributed to nonprofits over time. When you establish a DAF, you may receive immediate tax benefits and then can make recommendations on how your assets are distributed to help nonprofits like TROSA. Have questions about DAFs? You can contact TROSA’s Chief Development Officer Janice Kalin at 919-419-1059 ext 1600 or

Life Insurance Policy

You can also name TROSA as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy. You can donate ownership and receive a charitable income tax deduction for the market value of the policy or you can retain the policy and name TROSA as a beneficiary and your estate will receive the tax deduction from the charitable gift receipt. Contact TROSA Chief Development Officer Janice Kalin ( or 919-419-1059 ext 1600) if you are interested in this way to donate to TROSA.

Savings Bonds

If you have bonds that have stopped earning interest and that you plan to redeem, you will owe income tax on the appreciation. In the end, your heirs could receive only a fraction of the value of the bonds in which you so carefully invested. As TROSA is a tax-exempt organization, naming us as a beneficiary of your savings bonds ensures that your investment will go far with a gift to help men and women change their lives.