TROSA Leadership News

Kevin McDonald founded TROSA 25 years ago with a passion to help others like himself overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol. As we celebrate our 25th anniversary year of rebuilding – and saving – lives, Kevin is announcing his leadership transition plan. In July 2020 Kevin will transition to a new role at TROSA – “Founder” – and Keith Artin, TROSA’s longtime COO, will succeed him as President and CEO of TROSA.

Kevin McDonald, TROSA’s current President and CEO, with Keith Artin, TROSA’s future President and CEO

The new “Founder” role will give Kevin the flexibility to do what he loves – mentor staff and residents, and develop future TROSA leaders. Kevin also will advise on continuous improvements to TROSA’s therapeutic program, and serve as a liaison to Triangle leadership and the recovery community. This new role is one Kevin planned for some time with the full support of the board and staff.

Keith Artin, current TROSA COO, will succeed Kevin as President and CEO in July 2020. Keith was selected and developed by Kevin to lead TROSA in the next part of its remarkable journey. Keith knows TROSA inside and out…he began work at TROSA in 2001 as a Special Projects Manager and has worked as TROSA COO for over 12 years, responsible for internal operations, social enterprises, budget and insurance, and other duties. Kevin, as Founder, will work closely with Keith as he transitions to this new role. Kevin built a strong, talented leadership team that will also support Keith in this transition.

Kevin shares that he “built TROSA to be larger than any one individual or leader and I’m confident that my vision –TROSA’s mission – will continue to be in good hands with Keith.”

And TROSA is in good hands. Thousands of pairs of hands achieve TROSA’s mission every day –its residents, graduates, staff, leadership team, supporters, and community partners all work together to give men and women the tools and support they need to change their lives. Every TROSA graduation proves that people can re-create their lives for themselves, their families and the community. To date, over 8,000 men and women have embarked on their recovery journeys at TROSA.

This is a proud moment for TROSA and we thank our friends and partners for their continued support of our work. TROSA is an award-winning, model recovery program for individuals with substance use disorders seeking multi-year residential treatment. Your generous support remains central to our continued success.

Together, we will continue to help rebuild healthy lives, families, and communities.