TROSA Graduate Looks Ahead to Completing Goals

TROSA is preparing for its next graduation ceremony, and TROSA graduate Adam will be among the newest graduating class.

“This upcoming graduation means the world to me,” he shares.

As a talented athlete, sports were the center of Adam’s world and he had dreams of playing professionally. After sustaining a career-ending injury, he began using substances as a way to cope with challenging emotions. Things quickly spiraled out of control.

Though he was nearly finished with earning a degree in criminal justice, Adam left college. His addiction led to a cycle of incarceration: “I was a revolving door in and out of prison. Every time I went to prison, it was rooted in drugs or the decisions I made while I was on drugs.”

Adam was looking to change his life. “A good friend had come to TROSA and told me about it. That was the first time I saw someone who went to rehab and it really worked.”

Through TROSA’s multi-year residential treatment program, Adam was given time, opportunities, and a supportive community to fully focus on his recovery. He has received cost-free comprehensive services, evidence-based therapeutic activities, classes, and counseling. He has received professional certifications, and participated in TROSA’s criminal record expunction clinic, thanks to a partnership with Durham Expunction & Restoration (DEAR) Program, Legal Aid of North Carolina (LANC), and Duke Law School. “And I’ve learned what recovery is,” shares Adam. “I’ve learned about the importance of support systems, getting to the cause of behaviors and emotions, and finding things that go beyond just abstaining from drugs and alcohol–learning and practicing ways to keep me feeling well.”

TROSA is designed as a thoughtfully-structured multi-year program. As residents advance through our program stages and approach graduation, they can choose to continue participating in our residential program beyond their two-year graduation date as senior residents.

Senior residents who stay in our program beyond their graduation date continue to further their recovery goals and skill sets for living in recovery. Senior residents continue to receive TROSA’s full cost-free comprehensive services; continue participating in therapeutic groups, classes, and community assignments; and are expected to serve as mentors to their peers, taking the lead on community projects as needed.

Adam applied to continue participating in TROSA’s program beyond his graduation date to complete his education goals.

“As a TROSA Scholar I’m pursuing associates degrees in arts and general education. I should have both degrees by December of 2023. The classes I’m taking now are public speaking, expository writing, and introduction to business. The plan next year is to transfer to a university and pursue a business related degree. Long term, I plan to use my class-A Commercial Driver’s License earned at TROSA as a means to provide for myself and save money. Ultimately I would like to own and operate my own business.”

Today Adam has a new foundation for success, and he’s helping others. Adam recently completed Peer Support Specialist and Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) training classes to apply for his North Carolina Peer Support Specialist certification.

He will soon walk the stage as TROSA graduate as a member of the Winter 2023 TROSA Graduation Cohort. 

TROSA congratulates Adam and all of our graduates!

Photo: TROSA graduate Adam, who will walk the TROSA graduation stage as a member of the Winter 2023 TROSA Graduation Cohort. Adam has elected to stay in TROSA’s residential program beyond his two-year program so he can continue working towards his education goals as a senior resident and TROSA Scholar.