TROSA President and CEO Keith Artin Featured on Entrepreneurship Podcast

The National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) recently featured TROSA President and CEO Keith Artin on an episode of the Making Our Way Forward Podcast. Artin’s conversation was about empowering the recovery community through TROSA’s program. Making Our Forward focuses on the impact of entrepreneurship on our communities and its host, Dr. Rebecca Corbin, learned about TROSA through our award-winning TROSA Moving social enterprise.

You can stream the podcast on the NACCE’s website or download the episode here: Sustaining a Community of Recovery with Keith Artin, TROSA

In the episode, Artin shares his professional background in the fields of finance and start-ups and lessons learned in the fields of entrepreneurship and social enterprise. Artin also talks about TROSA’s award-winning treatment model for helping men and women with substance use disorders, with a focus on how the program’s structure prepares individuals for a successful transition to life in recovery.

Some highlights of the conversation include Artin sharing what makes the TROSA community so special:

“Moving towards a common goal…I’ve definitely found that here at TROSA. The common thread that everyone has here is that people want a better life.

“I’m incredibly thankful for a number of things. Even though we live in a congregate setting, we instituted a lot of really good practices originating back in March 2020 and we have not had any outbreaks at TROSA of COVID. I’m incredibly thankful for that. We also experienced a lot of dedication by our staff…people have had to go above and beyond for the last 18+ months. Everyone stayed very committed to what our mission is here and we are really fortunate for that.”