TROSA Residents Earn Their GED

TROSA celebrates a new group of residents who earned their GED! At a special all-campus meeting, our new GED-holders were recognized and cheered on by their TROSA peers and staff.

Last year, nearly 24% of TROSA participants entered the program without a high school diploma or a high school equivalency diploma/GED. Having one’s diploma can open up doors to  greater employment options and can also be a prerequisite for certain professional credentials. As part of TROSA’s comprehensive support services, we help our eligible residents obtain their GED, providing access to tutoring, classes, and practice exams to prepare for exams in the required subject test areas (Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies).

TROSA senior resident Tommy was among this year’s GED recipients. Tommy completed TROSA’s two year program in December 2021 and applied to stay beyond his graduation date as a TROSA Senior Resident. His role in TROSA’s community is to serve as a leader and mentor for the TROSA Men’s Program. Today, he is a TROSA Staff-in-Training, which means he is participating in a structured training track with the goal of becoming a staff member at TROSA.

“Before I came to TROSA I never thought that I would see the day that I would have an education. I quit school in the 9th grade and told myself that I didn’t need an education because no one in my family had one and I hated school. When I first started doing my GED prep when I was six months in the TROSA program I found it was very difficult. And the COVID-19 pandemic and change in practice exam scheduling procedures also made it a challenge. The thoughts surfaced again about wanting to quit and give up, like I did before in the 9th grade. I knew I couldn’t give up that easily anymore. Serving as a senior resident leader in the TROSA Men’s Program, teaching classes to other residents, and learning how to use a computer here all helped me to pass my exams and earn my GED.”

With the help of TROSA’s Education Department and a GED self-directed website, Tommy was able to pass all of his needed GED exams in less than two months.

“The feeling of being the first in my family to have an education because I didn’t give up is amazing. A weight has been lifted off of me now, and I can proceed with my life’s goals, which include achieving my Peer Support Counselor credentials so that I can help others.”

Tommy is proud of remaining in recovery and achieving his education goals. He has this advice for anyone facing challenges: “It all starts by just believing in yourself and not giving up!”

Tommy joins his peers in celebrating their new education achievements. This is an incredible milestone for our residents, and we are proud of the dedication they displayed in preparing for their high school diploma equivalency exams. We celebrate all of our residents and graduates who are changing their lives!

Pictured above: TROSA resident Harry celebrating his GED at Durham Technical Community College’s commencement. On May 18, 2022, TROSA residents who earned their GED in partnership with local Durham Technical Community College were invited to participate in the college’s annual Commencement Ceremony at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. Photo credit: Durham Technical Community College

Pictured above: TROSA residents who received their GED this year.