Expanding to Winston-Salem: 2022

TROSA residents at Winston-Salem community event
TROSA residents at Winston-Salem community event

TROSA Triad: Opening 2022

After years of planning, TROSA has secured a long-term lease on a facility owned by Forsyth County for our first-ever expansion outside of Durham, North Carolina. Called TROSA Triad, the new campus will open in Winston-Salem, North Carolina this year.  

The first construction and renovation phase is projected to be completed in late summer 2022. TROSA will then begin the second phase of this effort to expand capacity. The maximum capacity for the TROSA Triad campus will be 200 beds.

Throughout TROSA’s decades of experience caring for individuals with substance use disorders–and advising other treatment programs across the country–we have often been asked to replicate our award-winning program.

“When I started in 2001, I remember being approached by people looking for us to expand and to start TROSA elsewhere, and for many years we held back,” shares TROSA President and CEO Keith Artin. “We wanted to make sure we got the program right and that we could effectively create a new campus with the same level of exemplary care that we have here in Durham.

“This is the first time TROSA is expanding beyond its Durham campus. My predecessor, TROSA’s Founder Kevin McDonald, took his own experiences with addiction and recovery and created TROSA. Thanks to Kevin’s heart, mind, and sheer force of will, he built TROSA to be the award-winning treatment program that it is today. We look forward to helping more North Carolinians in need of cost-free and long-term treatment.”

An Investment in Award-Winning Treatment

Since its founding in 1994, TROSA’s Durham campus has served over 9,000 individuals seeking long-term residential treatment for substance use disorders. The long-standing success of our evidence-based practices in Durham has rebuilt lives, reconnected families, and strengthened communities.

Serving Communities

The North Carolina General Assembly has supported the creation of a second, 200-bed campus in Winston-Salem. You can read more about how this investment will support our campus here.

TROSA is based in Durham but has no geographic requirements for residents. We have served residents from all 100 counties in North Carolina during our 25+ year history. We saw that individuals from the Triad region were historically among our most-served residents, and we also knew that our outreach to the more western parts of North Carolina were not as robust as our reach to central and eastern regions.

A campus in Winston-Salem means we will be able to efficiently utilize services and staff currently located at our Durham campus to reach more North Carolinians in need, especially in our western counties.

TROSA Triad Director Pierre Bynum has worked at TROSA for 20 years and has experienced our decades-worth of community-building firsthand. He looks forward to growing community relationships in the Triad region.

“I’m just excited to work with this wonderful community in the Triad,” says Bynum. “We teach our residents not to just be in a community, but to be part of a community, and that’s what we’re hoping to bring here…to be a part of the Winston-Salem community. As Director, I want to hold true to the belief that we’re only as strong as our community, and we’re going to do everything we can to establish that community.”

TROSA Triad Director Pierre Bynum

Support TROSA Triad

For more information on how you can support our expansion to help more individuals in recovery, please contact TROSA’s Development Office:  development@trosainc.org or 919-419-1059 ext 1600. Thank you for standing with TROSA! Together, we will continue to rebuild lives, reconnect families, and strengthen communities!