Celebrating New Program Graduates

TROSA Graduates in Recovery

On May 5, 2024, our campus celebrated a great achievement: Honoring the newest group of individuals who completed two years of treatment at TROSA. 

Each attending graduate had an opportunity to speak on stage and thank their family, friends, and mentors. Many shared how community assignments and the general structure of TROSA’s residential program played an instrumental role in their treatment and recovery. Graduates also delivered words of advice and encouraged current TROSA residents to make the most of the time and opportunities within our multi-year treatment program.

Healing and Helping

Graduates shared how they have grown in recovery.

“TROSA has provided for me everything I need and has given me support while I have healed past traumas and fears,” shared TROSA Graduate Briana. “Today, I stand tall. I have confidence in myself. I know that my past does not define me. I have reinvented who I am. I know I am capable of accomplishing my dreams. Thank you, TROSA, and all the amazing staff and peers that have made an impact on my recovery.” 

Photos of men and women in graduation cap and gown proudly and triumphantly holding their diplomas and smiling

Celebrating a TROSA Campus Milestone

Keith Artin, TROSA President and CEO, opened the ceremony with his remarks:

“Our graduation ceremonies are always very special times. And this year’s ceremonies are extra special because they fall on a milestone year: 2024 is TROSA’s 30th year helping individuals change their lives.

“Residents have helped to shape TROSA over the past three decades, forming a community and making it possible for thousands of individuals to envision and achieve a better life. 

“Graduates, you are now part of this legacy. You put your trust in this community, in the process of recovery, and–most importantly–in yourselves. I hope you can reflect with pride on all that you have accomplished…and this is just the beginning.”

Gaining Skills, Support, and Confidence

There were many inspiring quotes from our graduates:

“TROSA has taught me that I can achieve a lifestyle that is fruitful and fulfilling.” – Thomas, TROSA Graduate

“At TROSA, I’ve gained self-confidence and self-love. I now know that I am worthy of the love and life I have worked so hard for.” – Ashley, TROSA Graduate

“TROSA allowed me to find and be the person not only my family knew I could be, but the person I know I want to be.” – Christopher, TROSA Graduate

Individuals in graduation cap and gown stand outside under a gazebo on TROSA's campus