Celebrating New Program Graduates

On August 14, 2022 TROSA celebrated our newest program graduates with a special ceremony on our campus. Before an audience of family, friends, and TROSA staff, our graduates reflected on their recovery and accomplishments.

TROSA Men’s Program and TROSA Triad Director Pierre Bynum gave opening remarks, addressing the graduates and acknowledging their courage and success:

“TROSA  Graduates, you made the decision two years ago that your lives were worth more than addiction. You put your trust in our community, in the process, and—most importantly—in yourselves. You took the time and the opportunities to create a future for yourselves and you continue to positively impact so many along the way.”

Every graduating class is special and represents more than just who we see on the stage. Behind every graduate is a community. A community that cheers and challenges our residents to be their very best. In return, our graduates have shown us all the meaning of courage and conviction.

This particular graduating class must be highlighted for another reason, too.

In March 2020—as the world gathered information about COVID-19—we had to pause new admissions to TROSA for several months as we formulated a plan to safely accept new residents. The August 2022 graduating class represents the first new residents we accepted to TROSA when we re-opened our admissions doors in the summer of 2020.

These graduates bravely made the decision to change their lives, completed our two-year program, and continue to be an inspiration to us all.