3rd Anniversary of TROSA Comprehensive Care Center Opening

November 1, 2020 marked an important milestone for the TROSA community: The TROSA Comprehensive Care Center’s 3rd anniversary! The Comprehensive Care Center houses our important medical, counseling, and intake departments.

A Transformative Project
Before the Comprehensive Care Center was built TROSA’s medical, counseling, and intake departments were scattered across our campus and had far outgrown their old locations. As our resident population increased, we needed the space and equipment to better connect these departments and to match the level of care provided to current and future TROSA residents.

TROSA is unique because it offers on-site coordinated health services, evidence-based therapies, and licensed staff counselors as part of our treatment model. And all of these services are provided at no cost to our residents. Nearly 90% of TROSA residents do not have health insurance and many have neglected their health for years. The Comprehensive Care Center–and TROSA’s amazing health partners–are vital for our men and women in recovery.

Last fiscal year (July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020), TROSA provided 3,524 individual counseling appointments, coordinated 8,829 medical appointments, and conducted 2,645 admissions assessments.

Built Together
The Comprehensive Care Center marked TROSA’s first public capital campaign. Thanks to hundreds of generous donors and building partners CT Wilson, Coulter Jewell Thames PA, and MHAworks, we opened the Comprehensive Care Center building with a grand opening celebration and ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by donors, community partners, and elected officials on November 1, 2017.

To see photos of our 2017 grand opening and learn more about the extraordinary services provided in the Care Center, visit this page

The Comprehensive Care Center in 2020

Having this modern, large (10,000 sq. ft.) space on campus for TROSA’s residents during the COVID-19 pandemic has helped keep our residents healthy, safe, and focused on their recovery. Our 7 exam rooms, large waiting rooms, and multiple private spaces to connect to teletherapy during the pandemic have all been extremely helpful, ensuring our level of recovery care and service continues.

Video Tour of the Comprehensive Care Center from 2018

Click below to view a tour of the Comprehensive Care Center. Note the video was completed and shared in 2018 so some statistics about our numbers of residents served and program services provided may have since changed.