TROSA Program Graduates Overcome Addiction

On February 4, 2024 our newest group of TROSA program graduates proudly walked the ceremony stage. TROSA graduates are program participants (also called “residents”) who have completed two years of TROSA’s multi-year residential treatment program.

As a thoughtfully structured long-term program, TROSA is unique in the length of time and number of services we offer to participants, and our graduates are uniquely successful in their treatment program retention and long-term sobriety and employment outcomes.

A group of men and women standing and smiling in graduation attire of black cap and gown, gathered together under an outdoor gazebo on the green grass of a campus
Winter 2024 TROSA program graduates celebrating with TROSA President and CEO Keith Artin

The start of a lifelong journey

TROSA President and CEO Keith Artin opened the ceremony with a speech, highlighting the accomplishments of our graduates:

“Graduates, you took the time to give recovery…this program…and yourself a chance. You are showing the world that you can stay focused…you can accept challenges…you can make and achieve goals…and you can create a better life. Recovery is a lifelong journey. Remember what you have worked so hard for. Remember your strengths. And remember that we’re cheering for you. Reach out if you need help. And help each other. And be proud of yourself. We are all proud of you.”

Program graduates sharing and reflecting on a life in recovery

Each graduate had the opportunity to make a speech, choosing to thank friends, family, and TROSA staff members who have helped them overcome addiction.  Some shared that it was the first “big thing” they had finished and were proud to share this moment with those watching the ceremony. Our TROSA graduates shared their advice to residents just starting TROSA’s multi-year treatment program, and reflected on the things they have learned and gained in recovery.

Quotes from Graduates

TROSA graduate Victoria shared: “I will forever be grateful to TROSA for all it has done for me. TROSA helped me put the pieces of my life back together. That’s the special thing about TROSA, they assist and promote behavior change and teach you relevant life skills like responsibility. They provide different learning opportunities…not only hands-on job skills but also college courses and certifications in different fields and areas. They help you learn how to enjoy sobriety. TROSA is not only a community…it’s family.”

TROSA graduate Micha shared: “TROSA has showed me what I was truly missing in life and within myself.”

TROSA graduate Brian shared: “TROSA has helped me by giving me a place to come and get myself together, has given me the sense of family that I have always yearned for, and has taught me that living sober can be fun.”

And TROSA graduate Brandon shared: “TROSA has given me the time and the opportunity to focus on the things within myself that made me feel the need to use drugs.”