TROSA Celebrates New Graduates

On February 5, 2023, we celebrated our newest TROSA graduates—individuals completing TROSA’s two-year residential treatment program.

We held a formal ceremony in the TROSA campus gymnasium, and each of our inspiring graduates had a moment to speak before family, friends, staff, and fellow residents.

TROSA February 2023 Graduates

TROSA President and CEO Keith Artin shared these words during our ceremony:

“I’ve been a part of TROSA for over 20 years…I’ve seen many graduations, and they’re all special. I’m continually inspired by the dedication, strength, compassion and courage of our graduates.

“And I’m excited for your future. Futures that you’ve built for yourself and that you truly deserve. As a TROSA graduate, you have lifelong support.

“Be proud of the person you have become, the changes you have made, and the life that you will lead. Acknowledge your challenges, appreciate your accomplishments, and continue reaching your goals…this is just the beginning.”

TROSA President and CEO Keith Artin with February 2023 Graduates

There were many inspiring speeches and shout-outs throughout the afternoon ceremony. Below are a few quotes from our graduates:

“You have to leave everything that was a mess behind you, because only the real ‘you’ can get help here. We built something here so that we can go out and have a future and have a life. – Sean

“I’ve started processing and changing the way I think and the way I see life.” – Perry

“I want to thank MoCo [TROSA Moving]. Thank you for changing me as a person. MoCo teaches you how to deal with people…how to interact with people…changing your life through moving furniture, as crazy as that sounds.” – Robert

“I am so grateful for my life today. I came here to recover not just from drugs and alcohol; I came to recover from guilt and shame. I came to recover the love and respect of my family, who I love so much. They’ve stood by my side and loved me…and now today they’re here for me, and I’m so grateful for that. This program is a beautiful experience if you let it be. I have made some of the most beautiful, unique friendships and relationships. I came here with a glimmer of hope. I held onto that hope with an open mind and a grateful heart. I found myself here. This place has given me the opportunity to change and be the person that I want to be—the person I deserve to be.  – Misty

Congratulations to all of our graduates! 

Graduates in our February 2023 TROSA Graduation cohort