TROSA Celebrates Graduates!

Graduations are special occasions at TROSA, marking the successful completion of our two-year treatment program. Our ceremonies are usually attended by hundreds of families and friends. TROSA has been filming virtual graduations, to comply with COVID-19 safety protocols; but on July 25 and August 1, TROSA held our first in-person graduation ceremonies in nearly 16 months!

July 25, 2021 Graduates

A small celebratory group of residents and staff were in attendance to cheer on our graduates at both in-person ceremonies and we provided a livestream link for families and friends to view the ceremony at home. TROSA President and CEO Keith Artin shared these thoughts with our graduates: “This is truly a momentous moment for TROSA. For about a year and a half, our campus and activities have looked a little different. We experienced many changes together, to keep each other safe; but there was one constant. One important element that never, ever changed: your goal to finish the program in pursuit of a better life…a healthier life…a life in recovery. A life that you truly deserve. […] TROSA emphasizes the importance of community throughout our program, and you –our graduates– have demonstrated what that truly means. You stayed focused…and you stayed committed to changing and saving your lives. You have made extraordinary changes for yourself, and for all those around you. You are leaders. You are courageous. And, you are just beginning. Today is a celebration of all you have accomplished…but, most importantly, it is a celebration of all that you will become.” Many of our program graduates have secured employment in the surrounding Triangle, North Carolina region and beyond, and are eligible to receive TROSA’s comprehensive continuing care services for graduates. And some graduates have chosen to stay at TROSA beyond their two-year programs as Senior Residents. All Senior Residents continue to participate in daily therapeutic activities at TROSA and receive our cost-free services while serving as leaders and role models on our campus. This group also includes TROSA Scholars, who are completing college coursework to further achieve their professional and education goals; and TROSA Staff-in-Training, who receive mentorship and training on how to become staff members at TROSA. We are so proud of our graduates and their determination, courage, and teamwork displayed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic! Congratulations to all!

August 1, 2021 Graduates