Celebrating Spring 2023 TROSA Graduates

On Sunday, May 7, TROSA celebrated our newest graduating class! As TROSA President and CEO Keith Artin shared in his ceremony address: “We are celebrating the determination and inspiring spirit of our newest graduates–individuals who have made an extraordinary commitment to changing their lives.

TROSA holds quarterly graduation ceremonies to celebrate graduates—individuals who have completed our two-year residential treatment program.  Each participating TROSA graduate had the opportunity to speak from their heart on the graduation stage to thank family and friends; share words of wisdom; and reflect on their new lives and accomplishments.

“I have joy today,” shared TROSA graduate Arnold. “I’ve got some great people around me. We came here to get a better life…that’s what TROSA offered me, and I grabbed onto it and I’m not letting go. I’ve got a great life ahead of me.”

TROSA graduate April speaks to the crowd, with TROSA staff behind her on the ceremony stage

This quarter, ten of our graduates chose to continue participating in TROSA’s multi-year treatment program as Senior Residents. Senior Residents stay at TROSA beyond their two-year graduation date and serve as role models and peer leaders on our campus, receiving our comprehensive residential treatment services wile continuing their personal and professional recovery goals.

TROSA graduate and Senior Resident Randi shared: “I’ve become the best Randi that I know I can be; and that’s through TROSA. I have self-worth and self-pride, and I never thought I would be able to have that again. It has not been easy; but it’s been so worth it.

Our graduates are finding new paths, leading by example, and showing the world that recovery is possible.  Congratulations, graduates!

TROSA’s Spring 2023 Graduates with TROSA President and CEO Keith Artin


TROSA President and CEO Keith Artin addresses graduates, staff, family, friends, and special guests.