Legal Partners Help TROSA Residents and Graduates Change Lives

Transformative Second Chances

Individuals come to TROSA to change their lives. Those with criminal records as a result of living in addiction may face barriers to accessing certain opportunities after graduation from our treatment program.

An expunction clinic made possible by Duke Law School’s Fair Chance Pro Bono Project, Legal Aid of North Carolina, and the Durham Expunction & Restoration Program (DEAR) helped TROSA participants learn more about their options and next steps.

The clinic also provided an experiential learning opportunity for local law students. This year, under attorneys’ supervision, students from Duke Law School’s Fair Chance Pro Bono Project helped 25 TROSA residents and graduates determine if they were eligible to expunge one or more criminal records. TROSA clinic participants learned they were eligible for more than 600 expunctions.

We thank our community partners for their work on behalf of individuals striving to lead full lives in recovery!