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Your support changes lives

Thank you for your support! Together we can continue to provide the time, services, and support to help individuals with substance use disorders rebuild their lives, reconnect with their families, and reclaim their futures.

TROSA graduate (now staff member) Adrian at our holiday TROSA Tree Lots

More than 10,000 individuals with substance use disorders have walked onto TROSA’s campus seeking a better, healthier life in recovery. When you multiple that number by the friends, neighbors, and families of those in recovery, your impact is incalculable. You can read about our graduates (like the faces you see above) here at our Graduate Stories page.

The average cost per stay in residential substance use treatment programs in North Carolina is $56,759 (NCDAS, 2022). TROSA is different. We provide our multi-year residential services at NO cost to those in our care. And we can only do this with your generous support. TROSA residents are uniquely successful. Individuals stay in our treatment program longer than national lengths of stay…and more than 90% of our graduates are in recovery, employed, and have no new criminal convictions one year after their successful program graduation. 

This holiday season, thank you for empowering our individuals in recovery to create the better life that they deserve–for themselves, their families, and their communities.