When Allegra came to TROSA, she was struggling with an addiction to MDMA, sometimes called “Molly.” She had been in an abusive relationship and dropped out of college. She spent her days taking drugs.

Her breaking point came when she realized her actions were not only affecting her, but also her 7-year-old son. She was arrested for a DUI; she hadn’t even really comprehended she was driving. At that moment, she knew she desperately needed help.

She decided to come to TROSA, where she received housing, health care, food, clothes, and more—all at no charge. All TROSA residents participate in community assignments, which provide vocational and life skills. Allegra’s community assignment was in the President’s Office, providing administrative support to TROSA’s busy executive team.

Allegra graduated from TROSA in April 2017. Now, the bond between her and her son is stronger than ever.

“I had to work on me first, to be the best mom I could be. I am now a positive role model and someone he can be proud of,” said Allegra. “TROSA has helped me to love myself and change how I think. I never thought I could be this happy and feel this good about myself.”

While at TROSA, Allegra earned her NC Certified Peer Support Specialist certification as part of the education advancement opportunities TROSA offers. Allegra was able to use the skills she learned to land a job at a detox and mental health crisis center, counseling those seeking help and referring to inpatient or outpatient programs as appropriate. Allegra shared: “I help others by meeting them where they’re at and sharing my story. I connect with a lot of them because I was once there.”