Family Days at TROSA

Earlier this month, TROSA staff and residents were on hand to help welcome families visiting TROSA’s campuses for our Family Days in Durham and Winston-Salem. TROSA’s cost-free program helps individuals with substance use disorders become healthy members of their families and communities. At our annual Family Day, family members are able to enjoy time with their loved ones, meet TROSA staff, and meet the new friends our residents are making in recovery.

A mother of a TROSA resident emailed our staff to share: “I came to Family Day last week and I was amazed. My son’s transformation almost made me cry. The confidence he had in himself made me proud. I appreciate all that you are doing…helping those good people get a second chance. Proud of my son and everyone in the program.”

There are four photos in a collage. Two photos are of families smiling on TROSA's campus. Two other photos are TROSA staff and residents smiling on campus.

Many visitors to our campuses expressed the pride felt at seeing a family member taking the time and opportunities to change their life. A family visiting for the day shared: “When he finally came [to TROSA], I was at ease…I knew he was going to get to where he’s supposed to be in life…I’m very, very proud of him.” 

Staff members were available to help residents navigate any unexpected or challenging emotions that may arise, and shared in the joy and the pride felt by residents and their family members. “Our residents and staff look forward to Family Day for months,” shares Lisa Finlay, TROSA’s Director of Clinical Services. “It’s a special day for everyone–for residents, the day is important because they get to see their families and show them how they are doing and what their lives are like at TROSA; and for staff, we get to see and meet the people who are so important to our residents. It is quite emotional for all of us, seeing the reunions.”

One family shared their relief that a loved one was getting help: “Instead of worrying if he’s alive, I know he’s safe.”

TROSA resident Cheryl enjoyed the time she had with her grandchildren. “I love the fact that we had so many activities for children,” shares Cheryl. “I appreciated the whole bonding experience…which was so important to have. It was absolutely amazing. And I enjoyed meeting other residents’ families, too. It was a wonderful atmosphere.”

A family of five smiling at TROSA's campus. There are two little girls with painted faces.
TROSA resident Cheryl (center) and her family at TROSA’s campus