Duke University Health System Grant Supports TROSA Smoking Cessation Program

TROSA thanks Duke University Health System for their Building Healthy Communities Goodwill Grant to support smoking cessation efforts for TROSA residents!

Smoking is highly prevalent among people in treatment for substance use disorders, with most studies reporting between 65-85% of individuals in treatment as smokers. While the benefits of smoking cessation for individuals in recovery are vast, fewer than half of treatment programs nationwide offer smoking cessation guidance. As part of TROSA’s unique and comprehensive services, we care for the physical and mental health needs of our residents. TROSA residents meet with TROSA’s health partners who provide strategies and tools to help residents reach their smoking cessation goals.

Duke University Health System’s grant will help TROSA create a healthier community for all. Today we are proud to highlight two senior residents who stopped smoking while in recovery at TROSA:

TROSA graduate and staff-in-training Michael in TROSA’s Comprehensive Care Center.

Michael stopped smoking one year ago, thanks to TROSA’s smoking cessation support.


Michael shares that a lack of direction and focus in his life led him to alcohol, behavioral issues, and periods of incarceration. “I had trouble believing in myself and finding motivation,” he shares. Today, Michael is a TROSA graduate and Staff-in-Training in our Medical Department. As the Medical Office Coordinator, Michael serves as a liaison between his fellow residents and TROSA’s Medical team. He assists with coordinating appointments and most recently helped coordinate TROSA’s campus-wide vaccination efforts with our Medical team. Michael has eagerly taken on the challenge of a fast-paced office environment. In addition to his personal and professional growth, Michael stopped smoking about one year ago with help from TROSA’s smoking cessation efforts. He reports having more energy and feeling healthier, which helps him in his daily community assignment.

TROSA graduate Wesley, photographed in TROSA Thrift Store’s storage and staging area.

Wesley stopped smoking five years ago, thanks to TROSA’s smoking cessation support.

Wesley began using drugs at 12 years old and battled addiction for 40 years before TROSA. He had tried a shorter treatment program, but after decades in addiction, TROSA’s long-term, structured program was the best option for him and his family. Wesley graduated TROSA’s two-year program in 2014 and successfully applied to remain in the program as a senior resident. Today, Wesley is a mentor to men and women in recovery, always eager to help both peers and staff alike. His TROSA community assignment is serving as a Coordinator for the award-winning TROSA Thrift Store. At TROSA, he was able to get help for his medical needs and knew he needed to stop smoking. With TROSA’s smoking cessation support, Wesley is now five years smoke-free! Wesley smiles as he shares the benefits of not smoking. “I feel so much better! I knew I needed to quit smoking for my health. Right away, I felt the positive effects of not smoking…and I still feel them every day.”