Celebrating TROSA Staff

Celebrating TROSA staff! Cathlene celebrated 20 years in recovery this past week! Cathlene is a member of the TROSA Women’s Program Staff. Her heart, dedication, and wisdom are far-reaching. We asked Cathlene to reflect on her 20 years of recovery, what sustains her recovery, and what she loves most about her life today.

“Reflecting back on twenty years from the beginning of my journey in recovery…I never imagined being here! As I began to change in recovery I committed to never going back to addiction.  I never want to be that person again that I turn into in my addiction. I have built a life that I value and would not trade. I love being able to travel, live well, and have excellent friends to share in my recovery.”

Recovery is a lifelong process. Day-to-day, Cathlene shares that she stays connected to others and uses practical and effective evidence-based strategies that we practice in our program. “When faced with challenges, I practice Rational Behavioral Training and remember that I cannot control others–I can only control myself and how I respond to situations.”

At TROSA, our emphasis is on building connection and community, and Cathlene leads by example.

“My job at TROSA is rewarding everyday,” she shares. “Someone helped me to learn to live in recovery…and daily I get to give back to our residents what was given to me. I get to witness their journeys and see them change. I love to celebrate others’ successes and achievements, and knowing that I may have helped them achieve their new life is so rewarding.”