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TROSA Graduates Allesha and Nate

When Nate arrived at TROSA after several other stays in rehabilitation facilities and jail, his life was out of control, and he felt lost and hopeless. Still, he was determined to allow TROSA to help him and rebuild a relationship with his son.

With each day at TROSA, Nate became more and more grateful for the community’s investment in his future. He realized that the generosity of donors allows TROSA’s services to remain free of cost to all individuals needing help with substance use disorder.

The kindness of others had given him a second chance at life, and he wasn’t about to let it go to waste. “I am most thankful for the donors and donations. They are what makes this possible.”

Learning skills and strengthening relationships

One of the parts of the program that had an immense impact on Nate was TROSA’s mindfulness focus groups. These sessions taught him how to stay grounded and present in the moment, even when things got tough. The tools he learned in these classes helped him cope with anxiety and stress, and he still uses the learned techniques to cope in certain situations.

As Nate continued to work on himself at TROSA, he also found his relationships improving. Today, he reports that his relationship with his son and co-parenting relationship with his son’s mother have never been better. He even found love with fellow TROSA graduate Allesha. Together, they have built a happy life in Burlington, NC.

"I now see obstacles as opportunities."

Allesha’s story resembled Nate’s – she was miserable before finding TROSA. “TROSA gave me food, shelter, and met all my needs for two years. All I had to do was show up every day and work on myself.” Like Nate, she, too, found herself grateful for her second chance. Since TROSA, “I now see obstacles as opportunities to learn and grow within myself.”

Nate and Allesha graduated from TROSA in 2018. They accepted jobs at a local print company, where Allesha left for another career opportunity and where Nate is still employed today. He worked his way up from the warehouse to General Manager and reports that “it has come full circle for me. I get the opportunity to continue to work with TROSA. I love that my company produces and mails the TROSA annual donation letters.”

"TROSA helped me find myself again."

Nate and Allesha now look back on their time at TROSA with immense gratitude. The organization helped them find themselves again, giving them the tools to overcome obstacles and live fulfilling lives. “My life today is far better than I could have ever imagined before coming to TROSA,” says Nate.

Allesha adds, “TROSA helped me find myself again, and for that, I will forever be grateful.”

Nate and Allesha proved that anything is possible with the right support and determination, and they are thankful to everyone in the TROSA community of dedicated staff, determined residents, and steadfast supporters.

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